Developer To Millionaire – From Side Hustle to Full Time

March 29, 2017

What a crazy transition this is for me!

I’ve always had the desire to move to doing my business full-time but nothing ever prepares you for the actual jump.

I mean, I’ve got bills to pay, a family, the whole nine!

My initial goal was to slowly grow, but my how that has changed.

In this episode you’ll discover the following:

  • What Happened to Me Last Week
  • The current situation I’m In
  • The big difference between side hustle and going in Full Time.
  • How I feel about proposals and why they’re useless
  • My God story

And much more!

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Developer To Millionaire – Interview with Andre from Project Huddle

March 23, 2017

I had such a blast speaking with Andre.

If you haven’t heard of Project Huddle, than strap on your seatbelts.  Andre is the creator of it, and it is one of the most useful tools to have in ANY designer or developers arsenal.

In this conversation, Andre and I chat about a few things:

  1. How he lost his job, and I lost mine
  2. How he bounced back
  3. How he created project huddle
  4. Insurance for solopreneurs
  5. The state and future of Page Builders and WordPress
  6. How Project Huddle is growing with NO MARKETING

And so much more!

Cheers to Andre! Can’t wait to chat again!


Project Huddle

How To Grow Your Website (sponsor)

Beaver Builder

Craft CMS

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Developer To Millionaire: Productivity

March 23, 2017

Today’s episode is all about productivity.

This whole life-work balance thing is pretty tough, so how do you focus on what REALLY needs to get done.

To be honest, finding ‘things to do’ is incredibly easy.  But finding the right things to do is where it gets tough.

What is going to bring us the most satisfaction?  What’s going to make us feel accomplished?

It could be something that’s billable, but maybe it’s not.

I explore all of this and more in this episode of Developer To Millionaire.

I recently picked up a book called the Productivity Planner, and I love it!

It goes around my entire mantra of doing one thing a day!  Especially if you work full time and are trying to build a side hustle, this mindset can actually shift the way you think about doing your work.

What’s in this episode?

  • My mind and how overwhelming it gets when I don’t write things down.
  • My old schedule compared to my new one.
  • Transitions in business and what to expect and prepare for.
  • The Pomodoro technique, what it is and how to use it
  • Things that you can do to be more productive

Song at the end

I went a little acoustic on this one – Ben Harper – Walk Away

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Developer To Millionaire: Strategies and Branding

March 23, 2017

Solo show baby!

I was trying to get a few guests on, but I work at night, so it’s a bit tough to get people on my grind schedule.

All good though, I ran with it, and doing solo shows is actually nice. It helps me get some thoughts out, and share all the things on my mind, with you!

In this episode…

Let me just reiterate that I suck at show notes, but here’s what I spoke about.

  1. Is this a WordPress Podcast?
  2. Why I’m doing a solo show.
  3. The strategy for SureFire and my new solo brand!

I share some insight as to what I’m doing, why I’m doing it, and how it will all work and come together!

Sit back, grab some beer, or coffee, or water, whatever you want, and enjoy the show!

Track At The End

Andy Mineo – Desparados

If you like this and list to the show, please rate, review, and or comment below.  Thanks!

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#8 Lee Jackson – All About Growth

March 1, 2017

Does he even need an introduction?

I’m going to do one anyway. This episode is all about growth with Lee Jackson!

I met Lee about a year ago when he first launched his podcast.  We did a great interview and you can check that out here!

Lee is no stranger to growing businesses.  He started with a small event agency which he helped grow substantially in a few years.

He later moved on to his own agency Lee Jackson Dev, which is on a continual pace to grow!

From a freelancer to a full-blown agency, Lee isn’t slowing down anytime soon.

We chatted about growth strategy, a few do’s and don’ts, and had an overall great conversation.

Lee runs a white label development studio for design agencies and is a truly genuine person and I was honored to have him on my podcast.

NOTE: This episode had a few technical difficulties, but we made it through.

Enjoy the show!

I called Lee the Angled King because his new branding will be called Angled Crown.  🙂

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My Story! Getting to 30k and what it really means!

February 16, 2017

So what’s with all this 30k stuff popping up everywhere on my site?

The short, simple answer, it’s how I started.  It was the beginning of my web business and everything that it grew to be.  It was the fire that was lit under my arse to push me further and further.  It’s a process, and it freakin’ works.

In this episode, I’m going to share my story, I believe for the first time.  Not the story of how I got started in the web industry, but the story of how I took a side hustle from nothing, to consistently making $60 – $80k a year ALL WHILE working full time and managing my life work balance with my wife and two kids.

I never shared this because I never looked at it as success.  Everything we see about success is so over bloated its crazy.

20k Projects Suck, you can’t start from 0 and 1000 subscribers in a month and most people stay in the middle ground.

For some reason, though, we tend to think that the middle ground isn’t good enough. We’re so pounded with visions of what success looks like, that we become blind to our accomplishments.

When I first started GettingTo30k a lot of feedback that I got was “Why 30k? That just seems too little?”

$30k is real.  $30k is attainable, and if you can make $30k, then you’re not that far away from making $60k, $100k, etc.

What started as a side business for me, continued to be a side business but kept growing, and all the methods, strategies, etc., that I learned are all things that I want to share.

Working full time allowed me the freedom to experiment.  Having a family gave me a reason to streamline my process to building websites and manage my time efficiently.

My turning point happened just a few days ago.  I went to a conference, and a constant theme that I kept hearing was “Be yourself.”  I’ve heard it so many times in the past, but it just never registered.

When my accountant does my taxes, he tells me “I can’t believe you’re doing this much with just a side thing.” Of course, I shrugged it off, but I realized, holy crap, he’s right!

So the time has come.  I’ve been side hustling since 2012, and now I want to show you how you can start a side hustle too, and take it to places you never imagined.


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Dev2Mil – Business Transitions with Kim Doyal

February 8, 2017

What up Everyone!!  Here with another episode of Developer To Millionaire!  The throwback episodes are OVER and we’re starting a new.

The format is going to be more conversational and I’ll be doing a lot more solo episodes moving forward as well.

In this episode…

I’m having a great conversation with Kim Doyal, the WP Chick.  We speak quite often and we’re both going through a few transitions in our business.  This is a common theme amongst entrepreneurs and it’s always hard to do but becomes an essential part of growth.

We speak about dealing with clients, figuring out when to transition and so much more!

For more about Kim Doyal, make sure to visit her website: and also check out the new platform she’s building Lead Surveys!

Enjoy the episode!

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Throwback With Jon Barratt – A Must Listen!

February 1, 2017

Note: This episode is more rock then hip hop, sometimes I like to switch it up 😉

Previous Episodes with Willy:

Throwback Podcast with THE Dan Norris

Podcast Throwback – All About Beaver Builder BEFORE THEY WERE STARS!

Interview with Hani Mourra

Alas the throwback episodes must come to an end.  But what a great way to end January and kick off February!  In this episode, I speak with Jon Barratt.

Jon and I connected a while back.  What he thought was just going to be a casual conversation, sneakily turned into a fantastic podcast.

Jon is heavily involved in the Genesis Community.  He’s an amazing developer and has developed a premium, e-commerce child theme for Genesis called Envy. This theme is beautiful. In addition to themes, he also created WP-Clips.  A plugin that lets you customize themes without having to worry about updates or changes.  It’s like a snippet manager that’s built directly into the site.  So the code is reusable, and it’s just incredible.

Besides designing and developing, Jon’s also involved in the film industry!

In this episode, we discuss all of that in detail.  We also discuss YouTube Videos, different challenges that we face, my old music career, and so much more.

This is one of my favorite episodes, and I’m honored to have a new friend!

Links from show

Envy Theme

Jon Barratts Website


Youtube Song Intro

YouTube Song Outro – Thousand Foot Krutch — Running With Giants

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